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Pet Resources

Ever wonder where we acquire our knowledge? Well, we`ll share some with you! It`s certainly not a secret. We want everyone to know what we know. We want everyone to be empowered with knowledge to help your pets be as healthy as possible and to live long, happy lives!

So here ya` go. Visit these sites for INFORMATION!

AHVMA – American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

VIIM – Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine

Animal Protection Institute – Link directly to the very important article “What`s Really in Pet Food”. If you are still feeding a commercial grade (grocery store, or large-chain purchased) pet food, you need to read this article. Your pet deserves better. Then browse their site. Excellent what The Institute does for animals.

The Compounder – Located here in Aurora, Illinois a fantastic resource for info on health for yourself and your pets! Also a great place to get your pet`s meds (flavored or not) and your own meds and supplements! Read my article on what I think your pet should really be eating posted on The Compounder`s Website! Click here to view.

Dysbiosis/Leaky Gut in Dog and Cats – You all hear us talk about it all the time so here are some websites to research a bit. Dogs and cats do not produce the enzyme to break down any carbohydrate. So if you are feeding a dry diet, you really should be supplementing with a lactose-free digestive enzyme and probiotic. If you choose to feed a dry diet, choose a high quality, meat-based diet (like we stock at Wags to Whiskers), add a digestive enzyme and probiotic (a lactose free choice like we carry), and many problems will get better for your pet!

Diatomaceous Earth – For Fleas and other parasites. Think about using this light and very inexpensive powdered product vs. deworming your pet or using a topical flea and tick preventative again. Read about it below. Info on Diatomaceous Earth from Wolf Creek Ranch – This link is directly to benefits for pets but browse their whole site – read the minor warnings, etc. But the benefits of DE are excellent!

Wags to Whiskers carries a food-grade DE in two different sizes and can special order larger sizes if needed.

Vaccination Information, Worthy Causes, Good people in the Area to Work With and a little bit just for fun!

Dr. Jean Dodd`s Vaccine Protocol – Over vaccination is a serious health problem. Dr. Jean Dodd`s is a very well-known veterinarian and educated in vaccine protocol. Consider donating to the Rabies Challenge Fund which she is one of the people heading up and that is going on RIGHT NOW. They are working to extend the vaccine law for Rabies vaccination from once every 3 years (yes, you only have to vaccinate your pet once every 3 years for rabies and this is the ONLY vaccination required by law) to 5 to 7 years! In many counties, there are no requirements for vaccinating your cat – check your local laws and make your own decisions!


Other Great Sources/and Information

Pet Finder – Don`t buy your next pet from a mill-driven pet store! Rescue! If you are interested in finding a reputable breeder for any breed, please feel free to contact us and we can help you find the right dog. Take your time! A puppy is for life. Find a good breeder! Thank you!

Puppy Mill Project – That cute little puppy in the window comes from a PUPPY MILL no matter what they (the owners and staff of that store) try to tell no. No respected breeder will give up their puppies to a pet store to sell to strangers! Do not support stores by purchasing products OR puppies from stores that sell puppies for profit. When you purchase a puppy or product from that store you are supporting a life of misery for that puppies` parents. No joke.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – Don`t you wish you could do this?! Awesome organization.


How to Deskunk your dog – First, don`t let the dog in the house!

1/4 cup baking soda

1 standard-size bottle of hydrogen peroxide

1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap (Dawn brand is best)